About Angular

What is angular

Angular was introduced to create a single web page Application. The framework bring structure and consistency to web application.

Angular is an open source JavaScript Framework. Wholly written in typescript. It uses HTML Syntax to express angular component .

Then what is typescript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript .JavaScript provide some synthetic sugar and make the code base more comfortable to understand and maintain. Ultimately typescript compiles down to JavaScript so that it can run in any environment efficiently

Every Angular application consist of component and template which the browser(chrome — — -) can not understand .Therefore all the angular application need to be compiled first before running inside the browser.

Angular provide 2 type of compilation

a)JIT-Just in time compiler

b)AOT-Ahead of time compiler

JIT(Just in time compiler):-In Just in Time compiler angular application complier inside the browser during the run time.

AOT-(Ahead of time compiler):-In AOT compilation application compiles during the build time

Advantages of AOT:

a)Fast rendering

b)Better security to the application

c)Developer can detect the error during build time.

By Default angular uses JIT compilation ng serve ng build

Use these command for AOT

a) ng serve — aot

b)ng build — aot

To change the port number while running angular application

ng server — port 3200



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